Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Passage, Blood and Bone China #5, bloodrayne 3 trailer and release date!

First up tonight, an update on the Bram Stoker Film Festival events.

Chapter 5 of Blood and Bone China has been released on the web...

Fearnet has a look around the set of True Blood Season 4

Fangoria has a review of American Vampire #13 here.

Dread Central has big news around Bloodrayne 3.. the DVD will hit UK Stores May 2nd

Bloodrayne: The Third Reich - Official Trailer by dreadcentral

Vampire Cafe looks ahead to Season 3 of Vampire Diaries here.

BloodyDisgusting has some new film news... The Passage will be directed by Matt Reeves.

"In 'The Passage', a group of terminally ill cancer patients get healthy after being subjected to the bites of bats in South America. Naturally, the government see this as a cure for the disease and starts experimenting. They end up with a legion of nearly indestructible, telepathic vampire masters that begin infecting the populace." The tone is closer to 28 Days Later and "The Stand" than Let The Right One In or Twilight Saga

BloodyDisgusting has some video extras for Dylan Dog : Dead of Night here. 

BloodyDisgusting has a look at the special effects in I Am Legend here.

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