Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Becoming Human, Vampirism Bites has a roundup of the potential True Blood season 4 spoilers from the recent Paleyfest.

Episode 6 of the webseries Becoming Human is now out... watch below.  The Becoming Human series will be getting a TV finale.

There is news here of The Dishwasher : Vampire Smile getting a release date of April 6th for the XBox Live.

There are some new screenshots of Castlevania : Reverie here.

The BBC's Being Human season 3 will be available on DVD at the end of March.

The web series Vampirism Bites is currently fundraising for a season 2. Details are here.

Comicbookmovie has a first look at Tomb of Dracula Presents : Throne of blood

TV Series Secret Diary of a Call Girl in the UK is about to get some vampire action... details here.

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