Thursday, 8 July 2010

Betty White in Twilight?

Vampire Cafe spotted news that True Blood is up for five Emmy awards.

Bite Club episode 51 is available to download here.

Dread Central has news that "30 Days of Night : Dark Days" DVD is out October 5. Details here.

Dread Central has news that Mark Pellegrino has joined the cast of the Being Human remake as the character Bishop.

This horrible rumour is doing the rounds... Betty White joining the cast of Breaking Dawn.


  1. What's wrong with that????Betty White is an icon, in case you didn't know.

  2. What exactly does it add to the film other than saying "oo theres betty white"? do you think she will make a convincing 88 yr old sparkly vampire, or develop what little plot there is somehow? its a poor gimmic. Why not Oprah or jerry springer? Britney Spears? There's just as much reason to stick one of those in the film as betty white, if not more.

  3. I am honestly finding it difficult to summon any feelings on this one... why?

    Everlost is right in saying that it is a gimmick as such it should really be criticised (and I hate to say it, as it sounds too sarcastic, but Mickey Mouse is an icon as well, and yet they are not suggesting adding a cartoon of a 7 foot rodent in as leader of the wolves)

    On the other hand the film series so far has been rubbish (note I haven't yet summoned the interest to force myself to number 3 - I will watch it at some point but may wait for the DVD - given that I will watch ANY old rubbish with a vampire in it, I think that makes a point)

    The real and present danger of Betty White, of course, is that she will out-act and undermine all the leads, showing Stewart (in particular) for the poor 1 dimensional actress she is... but there you go.