Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Vampire Film Festival & lots more...

Right, time for vampire goodies from the interweb.

Starting here tonight... as part of the Scare for A Cure campaign, news of a vampire pub crawl in Austin, Texas is here.

Suburban Vampire has the full schedule for the upcoming Vampire Film Festival in New Orleans, Oct 23-26.

A video has been done by Popsugar Rush, on why vampires are so hot at the moment.

Vampire spoof musical "I Kissed a Vampire" is set to make its debut on itunes. Dread Central has more here.

Vampire Cafe has spotted this... two clips from the upcoming "The Vampires Assistant".

Deaana from the cafe has been in good form today. The Cafe has also spotted two clips from the MTV Vampire Series "Valemont". These look to be US only clips, first one is here, second is here. The Valemont website is here.

One more from the cafe... New Moon is to feature in the next Empire Magazine.

BloodyDisgusting.com has news of a treat for those of you living in New York. Nightmare: Vampires is a haunted house where you walk through an original horror story set in the fictional Museum of Vampyric Artifact. Read the full story here.

Following that, Dread Central has news of The Brides of Dracula descending on New Jersey to feed, and hopefully scare a few people at SPOOKTACULAR 3, OCtober 24th. Full story is here.

The 30 Days of Night sequel gets a mention here at Shocktilyoudrop, looks like shooting may only be 2 weeks away!

Off the websites, and onto the bits'n'pieces from google.

The California Chronicle has a piece today about the hottest vampires in film and TV.

Universal Studious in Orlando, Florida are running Halloween Horror Nights, of course including vampires.

Spoonfed.co.uk has a nice collection of halloween and vampire events taking place around London at the end of the month.

"Where Evils Dare" is a new webcomic from Harker writer Tony Lee, with Stefano Martino. The Youtube trailer is below... Nazi vampires dont sparkle!

This is a fun little piece. Cinematical.com has an article called "Why Zombies make better horror movies than vampires"

IO9 has 8 clips from "The Vampires Assistant" and a bunch of new stills here.

The Daily Orange has something worth reading..."New age vampires thirst for love rather than blood"

This isnt the first time this has been done by any means, but its still good when you come across a site like this. Celebuzz has 33 celebrity vampires. (this might be a repost from something a few weeks ago, but the site has certainly changed since then)

Taliesin today reviews "The Night gallery : Death on a barge"

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