Thursday, 15 October 2009

Bloody Kiss vampire manga

This is the last blog update for a few days... early tomorrow morning i am heading off to the Bram Stoker Film Festival with Taliesin for lots of Vampire and associated monster fun. Next blog will be tuesday, unless i see anything major that simply cant wait to be revealed.

So... on with the news.

Vampire Cafe has its review of Dacre Stoker's "Dracula : The Undead"

The Cafe also spotted this - 30 days of night sequel is coming, and Melissa George is wanted to play Stella Oleson again.

Rueters reports that eGames is ready to release "The Dracula Files" game.

SFGate has a review of "My Dead Body" by Charlie Huston here.

The UK Guardian website has a piece called "The truth about Boys, Girls, Vampires, Zombies and sex" here.

IO9 spotted this - the packaging for the New Moon companion book.

A review of some new Vampire Manga here - Bloody Kiss. There is an online preview of the first chapter here.

Washington Square News has a review of new vampire musical "I kissed a vampire" here.

There is news here that cinema tickets for New Moon are going on sale a whole month before the film premieres in california. has a piece on the vampire subculture in New jersey here.

Taliesin today has a small piece and video on the new release from PC & Kristen Cast, "Tempted"