Thursday, 27 August 2009

First Priest Pics are here...

Lets see if i can get close to last nights deluge of vampire goodies.

Starting with this, something that could be a whole lot of fun, for those of you into your vampire / horror RPG games. Beyond The Coffin is about to be launched, an RPG game where you can pick any vampire or supernatural character from any tv series or film (as long as someone hasnt beaten you to your favourite!). The Mod's have a proven track record, running very popular RPG games in the past, so head over here to read about it and sign up!

I am going to add a vampire RPG section over there >>> after seeing Nocturnality a few days ago, an RPG based on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

Onto general vampire articles... this finnish website has a piece today called "Vampires are forever"

The California Chronicle has a piece on how vampires have made their mark on TV, Books and Drink here.

The asks "Why are vampires so sexy?"

First pics of "Priest" are here! Vampire Cafe spotted this one, thanks to them!

The Cafe also has a little more on the "Vampire Diaries" webseries here... basically we are in for a 4 part webseries leading up to the start of the vampire Diaries on the CW channel.

What do you think the mighty Rob Zombie thinks of twilight? He would enjoy it more if he were a 14 year old girl, apparantly... hear his thoughts here.

BloodyDisgusting has a pic of Dakota Fanning as a Twilight Volturi.

Staying with Twilight, Dread Central has news of the New Moon soundtrack - CD cover art and first single. There are also more pics of the Volturi here.

Fearnet has a feature on "Pinocchio : Vampire Slayer"

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